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about profileErkan Çoruh, Milan based Turkish Designer, winner of  ‘Who is on Next’ 2010. One of the independent designer and heterogenous branding example of Made in Italy. Over six years under his brand name he created a metamorphical journey into Italian fashion and its  autonomous creative paths. His artistic visions resulted  in a creation of new terminologies for luxury without  standards. The Designs and Reflections comes from his pure instinctive attitudes for each collection through poetic moods. He brings a new structure to the fashion system, to give a supreme level of sensuality, vision and imaginary.



Communicates a human relationship through the collections. The clothes are not trendy, yet are not competitive in the market, instead propose outright new perceptions.

Erkan Çoruh woman and man represent the strong sensibility of tradition and modernity in an eccentric poetic way together with elegance and nonconformism. The crossing bridges brand’s signature pieces are known for their high fashion edged with a communicative sensibility on cultural differences. Highly conceptual and spiritual researches become the main character of the brand and its production methodology.

Every pieces has a unique design process enriched with philosophic dialogues in magical ways. Passing through the generations and the inner self.

Born in Istanbul in 1976, and graduated from Fine Arts Academy of Mimar Sinan University in Fashion Design 2004. In his graduation year he won the “Turkish Young Fashion Designer” competition organized by ITKIB in Istanbul. Following his success in Turkey, he went on to achieve a Master Degree in Fashion Design at Domus Academy, Milan. In 2009 he began to develop his ideas under the brand name Erkan Çoruh with a team of five artists in his Milanese atelier. In 2011 he opened for Alta Roma, Alta Moda as an emerging designer as a result for winning the 2010 competition ‘Who is on Next?’ sponsored by Vogue Italia and Alta Roma.

Before coming to Italy, Çoruh worked for a traditional couturier office, where he began experimenting with high-end sartorial tailoring. Soon after his graduation, he entered the fashion world, where he developed his international vision and refined his sign skills working under several Italian Brands. Erkan was able to establish a deep knowledge process and gained insight into the Italian and foreign market.