Self Portrait

As spontaneous as Acting, modeling, performing without any disciplinary conditions in different times by his objectives, mixing himself with his various muses.

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Atelier Malaga

He started to conceive his designs in a minimalistic holy space which is his sanctuary: Atelier in via Malaga 6, Milan. This hermetic white space represent his elegance purity and imagination. It was a space of meditation equilibrium and transformation in which he releases himself from distracting thoughts.

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Turkish names are often words that encompass specific meanings in the Turkish language. ‘ER’ is equivalent to a fighter, whilst ‘KAN’ means blood, which results to “Blood of a brave man” meaning one who has the ability to both lead and fight running through his veins. ‘ÇORUH’ means services to a river, irrigation, which symbolizes the creation of a path, giving way to navigate and fuse into the surrounding area.

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Bridging the in between-ness of the exterior and interior, between the real and the spirituality.

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The Men & Women of Allah

In March 2010, Çoruh launched his first men and womenswear collection together in Milan. Explored Islamic traditions whilst assimilating them through Western styles, rethinking the Burqa by integrating it in jackets and shirts using drapes, motifs such as the crescent moon, which characterize the controversial garments for dresses and pants. Matched turbans with trench coats and skinny trousers with long robes in gender-bending game to discover new balances through traditional garments.

“Believe in me do not doubt; These are clothes sent by God to wear.”
Clothing is universal and trying to categorize it will only disconnect the real magic in style. Collection of differences, once observing closely, it is also a collection of similarities.

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EC motto 2010.b

“Believe me, Do not Doubt” Erkan Çoruh


‘Who Is On Next’ Final Show, Altamoda Roma

2011 Spring/Summer Rtw Shirin Womenswear Collection.
Çoruh won Vogue Italia and Altaroma’s “Who Is On Next?” 2010 Womenswear competition, with his “radical beauty” collection. It was inspired by Iranian artist and film maker Shirin Neshat.

Çoruh fused the burqa on sleeveless tops. This statement clearly asserted that Çoruh was to break all the rules, tackle vital political, religious and social topics and defy established beliefs, prejudices and preconceptions.

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Shirin Runway

Neshat’s life encouraged Erkan Çoruh to master an ideal synthesis between Islamic traditions, Western Culture and urban trends in fashion.

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Palazzo Morando

Together with Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani at Palazzo Morando during Milano Fashion Week.

“His Woman, still respectful of the turkish tradition, contemporary and unusual” Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia.

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Shirin Editorial

Milan, 2010

Photographer: Jeremias Morandell
Model: Oda Marie Nordengen
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni

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Backstage at Piazza Duomo

Photographed by Jeremias Morandell.

A Bridge from nothing to something, a stream of consciousness. The process of becoming, giving a way. The Dervish negotiates a middle path between what was and what is now, harmonizing faith and fashion related to information and knowledge.

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The Burqa tshirt

The Burqa T-Shirt

Registered the iconic brand design, Burqa T-shirt © which was inspired by the traditional Burqa and a reformed basic t-shirt. It was presented in the S/S 2011 RTW – Shirin Collection.

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Catwalk in Piazza Duomo, Milano Loves Fashion


Catwalk in Piazza Duomo

Milan Fashion Week 26 September 2010.

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Photographed by Edo Alto
Styling by William Eros Maddaloni

“Everything I make is influenced by my childhood, by life in Istanbul, where the east and the west meet” Erkan Çoruh, 2010 Milan

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Publicity Vogue Italia
By Ellen von Unwerth

Publicity Grazia Italia 2010

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Kult Magazine Cover

“My target is strong intelligent free thinkers who bridge modernity juxtaposed with tradition.”
Erkan Çoruh

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EC.2010 campaign

Shirin Campaign Photo

Photographer: Jeremias Morandell
Model: Oda Marie Nordengen
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni

2010 Milan

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Casting GoldenAge

Casting Fall/ Winter 2011/2012 RTW

Sofi Hotel, Rome, 2011

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Backstage AltaRoma

January 2011
Golden Age Autumn/Winter 2011-2012
AltaRoma Catwalk

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Golden Age Catwalk Rome

Rome, January 2011

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Knife Bag

Iconic accessory inspired by Caravaggio’s masterpieces was presented in the F/W 2011/12 RTW – Golden Age Coĺlection.

Photographed by Alberto Cibin. 2011, Milan

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Backstage Golden Age at Palazzo Clerici

In the rooms of Palazzo Clerici Sala Tiepolo, Erkan Çoruh debuted a dark embodied solemn feminine collection during his first catwalk official calendar of Milano Fashion Week CMNI

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Golden Age Short Film

Directed by Leonardo Corallini
Producer: Riccardo Barone
Editing: Marco Ferrara
Music: Enzo Casucci
Model: Misha Parkosz, Fashion Model Management
Hair & Make-Up: Alessandra Angeli, Close Up

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Golden Age Catwalk

A new Pagan Mood, fluid lines, light and structured volumes, long dresses, a palette of color featuring black along with grey and a bright nuance of red ruched by appliquès made of human hair wound up into buttons or sprouting from the hems of dresses. Idyllick, often imaginary past time of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Golden Age Show was introduced by a fashion film by Made in Milan, Mitte Studio, portraying the mood of collection, paying homage to a mystic assertive woman wearing austere outfits representing rituality, serenity, courage and the warrior woman, 2011, Milan.

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GA Campaign


The container and equilibrium represented in his desire to arouse opposite ends of the spectrum through his dialogue within the garments. He examines the meaning of identity to find a new orientation which preserves the essence of belongingness within the global society. This in turn becomes the bridge which transverses into equilibrium as a mutual understanding is created through a socio-culture exchange of conception.

Caravaggio inspired Portrait for the campaign of Golden Age Collection, 2011, Milan.
Photographed by Edo Alto
Styling by William Eros Maddaloni

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Backstage Catwalk Palazzo Clerici

2011 Spring Summer RTW Norms Milan Fashion Week.

The Brand’s underground intellectuality with contemporary style proposes a new eccentric Orientalism.

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Milan Fashion Week

2011 Fashion Show presented official calendar for the Milan Fashion Week.
Palazzo Clerici Sala Tiepoli by CNMI.

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Norms Catwalk

Erkan Çoruh interprets praying as a feminine manifesto and rewards his women by creating a balance between the norms. The collection is inspired by Peter Weir’s film “Picnic at Hanging Rock.” The collection is grounded in the notion of bringing together mystery, curiosity, adolescence and Erkan’s spiritual Islamic looks. Tunics were worn with chiffon-fringed capes with irregular and unfinished hems. Transparency made its appearance in a rather subtle manner, alongside some outfits that paradoxically conceal the faces of the models.

Read more at Vogue Italia

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Another Magazine Digital

“They began to wake up under the umbrella of the stars and moon of the night.
It was raining.
They said welcome to the daylight with a prayer like the sound of the birds.
And they disappeared.” Erkan Çoruh

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Burqa Glasses

Designed to explore the notion of intellectualism through Islamic concepts in an unusual way. This iconic accessory was presented in the S/S 2012 RTW – Norms Collection.

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Salat Dress

The Dress is a combination of both prayer and elegance. The piece speaks for the wisdom of women who are able to combine spiritual rules with femininity. The garment was presented in the S/S 2012 RTW – Norms collection.

“When you pray, put on your most elegant clothes, because Allah likes elegance.” Erkan Çoruh

Photography by Alberto Cibin
Model: Nicoletta Marquica
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni
Spazio 7 Milan, 2012

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Irving Penn inspired Haute Couture Collection Editorial Shooting
Photographed by Edo Alto, 2011, Milan

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The preview of Fall/Winter 2012/13

Room Service Altaroma
Marriot Grand Hotel Flora, Rome, 2012 January.

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The Women of Erkan Çoruh F/W 2012/13

Uniformed Islamic avant-garde collection that reinterprets norms poetic philosophies and re-examining taboos.

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The Franca Bag

The centerpiece of the 2012/13 FW collection was inspired by the story behind Caravaggio’s masterpiece painting of Judith beheading Holofernes. In the book of Judith there is a beautiful and courageous hebrew widow who saved her city from the invading enemy. She seduced and then cut off the head of the enemy who is the general of an army. By doing so, she saved her people and city.

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First Kick Dress

Designed for the F/W 2012/13 Haute Couture collection, This garment is a full length dress with the belly exposed reinforcing the fertility and the concept of regeneration.

Photography by Edo Alto.

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Self Portrait

“To change the philosophos of garments and their reasons of use as there is an unveiled field of fashion as spiritually.” Erkan Çoruh

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The Art of Chador


The iconic middle Eastern Chador was interpreted with a Western aesthetic for the S/S 2013 Womenswear collection and was produced as a limited unisex version that is Made in Italy. The Chador is an outer garment or open cloak worn by women who follow the Islamic dress code. The Black Chador paradoxically is banned in many European countries.

Photographer: Beppe Volpini
Performer/Dancer: Juan Saturria
Performer/Visual Artist: Chiara Mazzocchi
Editor: Chiara Mazzocchi

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To MySelf video

“To MySelf” – “Encounter”

Video Art Directed by Chiara Mazzocchi and Performed with Juan Saturria
© Chiara Mazzocchi: Art Director / Performing / Editing

© Juan Saturria Dancer: Performer
© Beppe Volpini Camera Operator: Sound Design

Read more at Vogue Italia

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To Myself collection

Spring/Summer 2013

Building on a new ethical luxury project through informal poetism, mixed Middle Eastern cultural elements with contemporary Western style. The collection pushed forward the brand’s archive and reinterpreted pieces through vibrant color choices, artigianale trimmings, structural forms, which delicately transformed silhouettes into a perfect/imperfection concept.

This collection was only produced by order and the original collection was reserved for galleries and collectors.

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Hagia Sophia collection

Erkan Çoruh bent the rules of fashion with divine understanding in his collections. Based on the idea of bringing together enigma and frolic, the collection was named after a historic landmark ‘Hagia Sophia’ which was initially built as a church and then was transformed into a mosque.

Using this metaphor, Çoruh once again revisited his use of oversized, raw cut garments with over stitching to highlight the fact that transgenderism can be kept elegant. Using a male model to represent Sophia, and in turn God. Erkan experiments with the ideals of beauty. Sophia has traveled before returning to the contaminated and enriched Europe, bringing her/his essence, culture and treasures. The introduction of the turban was used in a provocative manner, positioned near the shoulder, hip and crotch area while the model’s face was a source of illumination. This accentuated the subversion of codes as the focus was on clothes rather than the image of the model.

Photography by Giovanni Mastroeni
Model: Mad Hero-ine
2013 Milan

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Look Book video

Erkan Çoruh A/W 2013/14 Womenswear Collection “Hagia Sophia”
“Reconverted Beauty in Differences” Short Film Directed by Quy Sam

Soundtrack Mixed by DeciBel clan
Styling: Erkan Çoruh & William Eros Maddaloni
Photography Assistant: Giovanni Mastroeni
Model: Mad Hero Ine
A TRACE5 Production.

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Erkan Çoruh

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Hagia Sophia Campaign


A series of advertorial shooting for the fall winter 2013/14 Womenswear collection “Hagia Sophia” was realized as an experimental visual performance. Inspired by the transgenderism concept, the project focused on a man transfiguring into Erkan’s women.

Photography: Giovanni Mastroeni
Model: Mad Hero-ine
Styling: Erkan Çoruh & William Eros Maddaloni

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“The Genus Apis Gardens” by Erkan Çoruh

As an Ethical Luxury Concept Project, together with local beekeepers from his mother’s heritages in Turkey. Artisanal local bee honey will be produced yearly in limited series.
Erkan Çoruh ©

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The Genus Apis Campaign

Project is born from his spiritual imagination. A new perception in luxury market.

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EC logo 2013

Typeface Design


Inspired by heritage and rich cultural influences. By pushing art works in collaboration with graphic and street artist Alberto…..
2013, Milan

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The Black Flag

Collective art photography, fashion and video concepts realized in the project of detaching from fears. Yet also challenges them in what he likes to call “Erkanism” which he referred to as the reformed self-anarchism of his thought.

“No fear” Naci Çoruh

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EC selfportrait 2013

Self Portrait

“My Origins are my roots and therefore could not influence me. I was born and raised in Istanbul, a most interesting city, where many different cultures live together the bridge between Orient and Occident has forever maintained a subtle balance between two polar opposites. I think that this also translates in my creativity and in my work.” Erkan Çoruh

Modem Mag by Stefano Guerrini

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Burqa Mania

Fall/Winter RTW 2014/15 Womenswear Collection, “BURQAMANIA”

An evolution of the icon graphic Burqa of Erkan Çoruh. Islamic traditional burqa cuts were reformed to sportswear items, the strong conceptualism of the Erkan Çoruh brand explore and evaluate itself in simplicity and elegance in a sporty look.

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Burqa Mania Campaign

Photographer: Erkan Çoruh
Model: Nicoletta Marquica
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni
2013 Milan.

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The Sunflower Eater

“Seeds are the best drug for poverty” Erkan Çoruh

The Genus Helianthus,
The very best organic seeds are selected by local farmers. Produced in limited series, the seeds are optically sorted by Erkan’s finest flowers, they are then soaked in filtered water, then slowly dried. Enjoy when you feel depressed with a tall glass of water.
2013 Milan
Photography and Video Documentation by Soykan Çatal

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Yousuf Collection

2015 Spring/Summer Menswear RTW Collection presented Pitti Uomo 86, Florence, 2014 June

Photographer: Erkan Çoruh
Model: efe Yigit Koleoglu (Nephew of Erkan Çoruh).

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Faith and Propaganda T-shirt presented at Pitti Uomo 86. The t-shirt accentuated with the hybrid identity. The synthesis of old and new, local and global reflect the dialectics of plural challenge. The contemporary t-shirt is a tool to evoke societies to garner a courageous dialogue, and with the proper positioning they may become the victors of light.
2014, Milan

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Knife Bag Advertorial Campaign

Nudism inspired advertorial shooting in Tuscany.
2014, July

Photography Erkan Çoruh

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The Black Flag

Photographer: Sabrina Casiroli
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni
2014, June

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F/W 2014/15 Menswear RTW Collection

“Outside-in; reversal of materialistic wealth, from external opulence to internal hidden treasures.”

Collection presented in Pitti Uomo 87 Florence in 2015 January.
Photographer: Sabrina Casiroli
Styling: William Eros Maddaloni

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Self Portrait

Photographer: Sabrina Casiroli.

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Erkan Çoruh Fall/Winter 2015/16 RTW Womenswear Collection

Collection Inspired by old family photos of the Çoruh’s, give a homage to the 1970’s retro family life of Istanbul culture.

Photographer by Erkan Çoruh
Model: Gökçe Işıldar (Niece of Erkan Çoruh)

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F/W 2015 16 RTW Womenswear Collection.

Photographer: Erkan Çoruh
Model: Gökçe Işıldar (Niece of Erkan Çoruh)

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Backstage of Humanswear Collection

An epic Tuscan scenery whilst performing in different times of the day. Every pieces of the collection has a ritual phase and essences with spiritual emptiness in natural light. To feel the nature with Erkan Çoruh’s designs.

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Humanswear Collection, 2016 Summer Wheat Jacket

100% handwoven silk fabric and hand stitched, in house crafted.
Tuscany, 2015 June.

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Humanswear Collection 2016 Pitti Uomo

Presentation 2015, Florence

“Like a strange and such elegant human; Those best and virgin clothes are every body’s due. One side of the jacket will be the earth and the other side of that will be the wind. One sleeve of the shirt at the wing of the bee, its lapel will hold on to a tree branch in any case.” Erkan Çoruh.

Intangible outfits through different moods to give a subtle and supreme sensuality of The Çoruh’s Alchemy. The eccentric casualness between men and womenswear pieces runs through the whole collection, composed by raw and honest approaches where the beauty of the process comes from. The silhouettes are mystical, revealing themselves through the veils and transparencies. Airy volumes of shirts, the softness of fine linens give the sense of divine components. Sophisticated handcrafts applied to the tailored silk of the men suit. The Color Palettes ranges from black and brown tones to burned shades accented with off greens, amber and honey tones. A classical interpretation of light and soft accessories give a romantic, yet intellectual nuances to the collection.

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Humanswear Film

A dramatic and metamorphic journey, extremly autonomous creative paths and artistic visionary results in a creation of a new terminology which is called “HUMANSWEAR”.
Read more on Vogue Italia

© A short film Directed by Quy N. Sam
Screenwriting by Erkan Çoruh
Music by Kadir Durvesh – Shennai Solo
Sound Design by deciBel Clan
Editing & Cinematography by Quy N. Sam
© Production by TRACE5

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EC logo splashpage